Crooked: A Wine Company

We are a family owned and operated wine distribution company based in the great town of Reno, Nevada. If you don't know Reno, it’s much more than a fair to middling town somewhat close to the Western Coast and it offers much more than just prostitution, penny slots and pawn shops. We live in Reno, we love Reno and we are dedicated to the quirky little town and dedicated to wine from family owned estates that are authentic. We are honored to work with growers, small families like our own, mostly from France and Italy, who are conscious of their craft and their land. We are suckers for small production artisanal products. We don't want big brands and we don't want to support conglomerates that have no connection to their products. We are a small operation and we aren’t for everyone. We don’t have buy 10 get 2 free quantity deals and we can’t supply your restaurant with year around by the glass options. Our growers don’t make a lot of wine and the bigger markets get the lion share of what’s imported. We are happy with what we get, sometimes 10 cases, sometimes 112 cases, sometimes 2 cases. We also aren’t going to bend over backwards to appease your every whim. Crooked is a passion project for us and we will always keep it that way. This isn’t to say we aren’t over the moon to sell you the amazing wines we work with and truly honored and appreciative to see them in your stores and restaurants. We just want you, the wonderful and diligent liquor license holders of Northern Nevada, to understand that you aren’t going to see us every week in resplendent schoonk suits reeking of fragrance. In 2015 there are many ways to communicate; we will find a way to use one of them to let you know what incredible wines we currently have to sell. If you would like to taste one or buy one then simply say back at us in a measured and level tone:
“Yes. I fucking want to sell real wine.”